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dinsdag 8 april 2014

Morbid Anatomy: Special, Limited Edition Print by Artist and Board...

Morbid Anatomy: Special, Limited Edition Print by Artist and Board...: Mark Dion is one of our favorite contemporary artists here at Morbid Anatomy. His work deals with taxonomies, natural history, cabinets o...

vrijdag 31 mei 2013

Wham-Oh! Take that.

SURFADELIC: SIN ALLEY [Vol.1 - 4]:        SIN ALLEY          SIN ALLEY          SIN ALLEY         Here's another classic Crypt compilation series in four volume...

zaterdag 25 mei 2013

J.R.'s Prints of Darkness: Drive-In Design

Cause he's kool. If we ever get some serious money, we would buy the whole lot..  J.R.'s Prints of Darkness: Drive-In Design: I designed a new header (above) for my web-pal Dick's blog, THE OAK DRIVE-IN ...check it out, why don'tcha?  I do a lot o...

J.R.'s Prints of Darkness: Lookey-Dookey! Sin Alley!

J.R.'s Prints of Darkness: Lookey-Dookey! Sin Alley!: I had both of these comps on vinyl, back in the day, & both have stood up well to repeated listenings over the years.  LOOKEY-DOOKE...

woensdag 25 januari 2012

We're all mutants; Teratology at it's finest.

Once upon a time, while being quite tired and zapping through a lot of 'oribble television channels, i stumbled upon this magnificent series on Discovery Channel, called "Human Mutants'.

The narrator, Armand Marie Leroi is also the writer of one of the best books in it's genre called 'Mutants: On Genetic Variety and the Human Body'. Unfortunately the television-series was limited to 3 episodes only; Discovery Networks doesn't allow one to embed the specific clip so one should look it up oneself. It's excellent researched, very respectful brought (don't expect a sideshow freak circus to enroll) and yet not stuffed with only the 'dry' facts and numbers.

An excerpt from the book:

'Why are most of us born with one nose, two legs, ten fingers and twenty-four ribs and some of us not? Why do most of us stop growing in our teens-while others just keep on growing? Why do some of us have heads of red hair and others no hair at all? The human genome, we are told, makes us what we are. But how?

In case you do live or about to visit these Dutch mountains, one can actually look up some of the museums which are visited in said tv series, the best being the Vrolik museum in Amsterdam. It's situated in the UVA, very worth while to take that gnarly trainride. Unfortunately the attached link is in dutch only, it's should give you an impression plus the address though.

Will post more about great museums with similar collections if time will let me.

Source weblink: uba.uva.nl
Source photo:atomicbooks.com

vrijdag 13 januari 2012

Weirdsville 2012 b.c.

Mark your calenders dearies for here's a suave party you don't wanna miss. You do have good taste, now don't ya?

donderdag 12 januari 2012

Suavalicious, a must read.

Not only are the Midnight Archives a truly amazing series of wonderful subjects, the music that accompanies each volume is swell, too.
This episode is about a man, Paul Koudounaris who traveled quite some to do some fantastic research for his book called, yes, you've guessed it right: 'The Empire Of Death'. It is one of the higher priorities on my wishlist, not only for the amazing photo's and elaborate storytelling; it also gives one a great tour d'Europe-for-suavalicious-places-to-visit. Wanna tag along?